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Email Bag: Falling Teeth And Death

Hi! I'm no expert when it comes to interpreting dreams, but being an active dreamer since I can remember my own existence, I think I have something to contribute.

In my culture (I'm from Bosnia and Herzegovina), dreaming about teeth, or rather your teeth falling out, would be a sign of death. 

Personally, I have had four such dreams and in all four times someone died. It did sound crazy to me at first. The persons who died were in my family, although it was not always someone I knew well. At first, I didn't believe in such things, but after this I paid more attention to my dreams. 

I don't think that dreaming about your teeth means that you are worried about how you look. Dreams show your inner self and if humans are this shallow deep inside, then poor us. I think you should do more research on dreams. Sometimes it goes a bit deeper.

I write you this mail to ask you to do more work with this subject, after all, thousands of people come to these pages to learn something about themselves.

Thank you for your time.
April 29, 2001

Dream Moods' Reply:


Thank you for your email and offering your perspective on dreams about teeth. Dreams are fascinating and I realize that there will be different views on the same dreams depending on your culture and your beliefs. We, at Dream Moods, welcome these different views and are glad to provide your perspective so that visitors to our site can decide for themselves. Our goal is to encompass a wider spectrum of understanding of your dreams.

We have actually published your email on our site.  We hope you continue to visit the site and find it a useful tool.

Best Regards,


More Emails:

Hello, my name is Pam. I wanted to share with you that every time I dream of my teeth falling out, someone in my family dies. I am so scared when I have that dream. I know that someone I am close to is going to die or have already passed during the night. For all the deaths that I have had to face, I knew in advance and sometimes I knew who. How can I stop this from happening? And do you know why it happens to me? If you can give me some  answers I would appreciate it. 

June 29, 2001


Hello. My friend told me she dreams of people (usually men) with their teeth falling out. And as soon as she dreams it, within a couple of days someone she knows dies. But it's always been someone old in the family. She said her mom and uncle used to get it when they were younger. Is it coincidence or real? And if it's real, is their something she can do to recognize the person who is going to die and maybe stop it from happening. 

July 16, 2001


Hello, I would like to share that my great-grandmother was the interpreter of dreams in our family. She also believed that when you dreamed of teeth falling out, it meant impending death. 

When growing up, I remember these dreams always coincided with someone's death within a week. The added twist is if there was pain involved with the falling out of teeth? If there was no pain, it would represent a distant relationship, whereas in a painful dream it would be someone close to you. 

Then there are also dreams of dogs loosing their teeth. Dogs represent friends. The same applies here: if there is pain involved it could mean an immediate need for help by that friend. This friend may also be stricken with an illness and possibly even death. 

These beliefs have been passed on through the generations of our family. They seem very specific and have always come true. Probably sounds strange to you, let me know what you think :)

February 25, 2002


In my family we have had a couple of instances where a sibling or relative would dream about their teeth falling out or be "loose". When this happens, a week or day later, one our family members would be gravely ill or even die.

Just recently I woke up very concerned because the night before I could "feel" a tooth fall out. Immediately, I wanted to talk to my mom to see how my grandma was; since grandma was in the same dream. Without calling home, I went to school and did my normal routine throughout the day and decided to call home a night. Once my day ended, I called home when my brother picked-up, and he told me that my aunt died.

My aunt had been very sick in the last couple of years, fighting several complications...she is no longer suffering.

May 11, 2002

Dream Moods' Reply:


Thank you for sharing your dream with us. I don't really believe that dreaming you or someone else's teeth falls out foretells that there will a death in the family. However, I have received several emails similar to yours in which people have said that someone in their family did die after they had this dream.

Personally, I believe that such teeth dreams may be coincidental. I receive an overwhelming amount of email from people reporting that their teeth are falling and crumbling in their dreams. And in almost all these cases, no one has died as a result of having this dream.

It would also be quite hard to determine how long after you dreamt that your teeth was falling out and then somebody will die. If or when someone does die, it is easy to look back and say "no wonder I dreamt that my teeth was falling out". This dream could've occurred yesterday, a week ago, or several months ago. It would be convenient for someone to make a correlation with dream they had weeks ago and say that they had predicted the death. Since you have to wait for someone to die first, it would be difficult to prove the validity of the dream and that in fact, the dream was an omen.

The above is simply my personal opinion. There is so much we do not know about dreams and what they are trying to tell us. Only you can ultimately decide what a certain dream means to you. I hope I have answered your question.

Best Regards,



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