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teeth dreams                 


Colorful Teeth  

I dreamt that for some reason I had painted my teeth all different bright colors, red, green, blue and yellow. Even my tongue and my gums were brightly colored. I then remember that there was also a hole in one side of my cheek, and everyone at work could see through this hole. I was at work, but I don't think I was too embarrassed. I just thought that it was really strange, and quite nerve-wracking that I had suddenly got this huge gaping hole in the side of my face.

Laura M.
October 15, 2001

Hi Laura,

Your colorful teeth and tongue may be calling attention to the vivid and colorful stories you tell and the animated way you express yourself. People may even think that you are being melodramatic. The hole on the side of your cheek suggests that others can see straight through the core and truth of the stories you tell. 

Best Regards,





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