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teeth dreams                 


Biting Down Too Hard  

Hi. I keep on having reoccurring dreams about my teeth falling out. Last night I dreamt that Ii had a big crack in my front tooth and it then chipped. I asked my mum and dad to take me to the dentist but they didn't seem too bothered about it. That is where my dream ended. I have had lots of dreams like this, and usually bite down hard on my teeth in my dream and I can't stop doing this until I hear in my head one of my teeth break. I hope you can help me? 

Thank You 
May 7, 2001

Hi Carolyn,

Your recurring dreams about your teeth falling out reflects your anxieties about your appearance and how others perceive you. The notion that your parents are not concerned suggests that you feel that they do not understand you. Your parents may view your concerns as frivolous. 

Biting down on your teeth, signifies your growing frustrations. You may be literally feeling that you are at the breaking point of some situation.

Best Regards,





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