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teeth dreams                 


Crooked Teeth  

I I keep having this recurring dream where my teeth are not straight. I try to straighten them and they pull out, but aren't attached to the root. I don't know what this means. I have had orthodontic work before. I have had this dream about 6 times recently.

Matt T.
August 20, 2001

Hi Matt,

Your recurring dreams about your teeth not being straight is an indication of your struggles with perfection. You may be feeling inadequate about some relationship or social situation. The notion that your teeth are not attached to the roots, suggests that you do not have a solid foundation in achieving your goals. This may stem from your own lack of self-confidence.

Best Regards,


Matt's Response:  

Dear Amy, 

Thanks a lot for your interpretation of my dream. I guess some of your ideas make sense about my life right now. Thanks again.




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