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teeth dreams                 


Can't Afford Dentist  

Last night was probably the 4th or 5th teeth dream I have had. I remember putting on this adult-sized doll head with holes for eyes. Two strings came down and you were to fasten each sting/loop around each top front tooth. So I did this (the mask represented the god-head that is within all of us; at least that is what I remember thinking as I put it on). I realized the mask was too heavy and I started getting scared because I knew if I didn't get it off or support my head, my teeth would be pulled out. 

I was calling/mumbling for my mother to help me, while I grabbed a pair of scissors and opened them up. I used one blade to cut the string on one tooth and as my mom came in to help, I got the other one cut. It took all my strength to keep the mask supported while cutting the string. So I got the mask off and went to a mirror. 

My teeth (which are genetically straight) were all out of alignment. I started to try and fix them and they became all loose, misplaced, and falling out. The top teeth were on the bottom and I would try and fix them. Then I realized I had to keep my mouth shut to hold them in place ( a few refused to stay put). As I held my mouth closed, I had to spit out what I thought were teeth but they were crystals. I had a handful of crystals and a major dentition problem on my hands. 

My mother is gone and now I am running around the house looking for my cat, my mate, and some advice. We can't afford a dentist and they are two people there who are trying to get in my way. 

My teeth keep moving around, falling out. I go back to the mirror and now some are rotting and one is put in upside down. Finally. Matt, my partner, says, "Let's just go to the dentist." I am relieved. He grabs our child ( can't tell what sex it is) and I grab Simon the cat. Matt is climbing the stairs to get out and I am behind him with Simon. The two people, who now represent evil or demons (I remember feeling and thinking that) grab me and won't let me go up the stairs. 

I wake up and feel my teeth are okay and cuddle up to Matt and wish Simon was sleeping at the end of the bed. I feel I should mention I am 12 and a half weeks pregnant. The other times I have had dreams with teeth I wasn't pregnant. My molars have cracked and then fallen out piece by piece. I just graduated from University (anthropology) and am in desperate need of a job. Money is a big stress. The other dreams are vague and involved teeth falling out, wanting to fix them and putting them back in the proper socket but the teeth not staying or being really loose so I have to be extra careful when doing anything with my mouth.

P.S. I just remembered some more of the dream. When trying to decide what to do after the initial glance in the mirror, I try to call some dentists and the two people (one was female not sure of the other) keep inhibiting any progress. They are mean and laughing. I am afraid they are going to do bad things to my cat. The child didn't appear until the moment Matt and I decide to just go to the dentist.

Also, to me, teeth are important for survival in that they are the means in which food is first ground-up for digestion. I think anthropologically about physical attributes. The healthier the teeth the better chances for longevity and quality of life. I am 25 and only have had one cavity.

Good luck with this one and I look forward to hearing from you.

Angela G.
September 17, 2000

Hi Angela,

You are correct when you say that teeth are important for survival and this notion is not far off in understanding the meaning of your dream. Teeth dreams often signify concerns about appearance but in your case, they relate specifically with strength, power, and aggression. You be feel that you have lost your "bite" - your decisiveness and your killer instinct.

Let's break down and analyze your dream. You mention how you are wearing this mask which you say represents a "god-head" within all of us. This "god-head" you refer to invokes strength, guidance, and self-empowerment. Undoubtedly, your mother has been very supportive of you and have given you that power and guidance. However, as you are becoming a mother yourself, you need to embody these qualities and be your own strong person. You expressed difficulties in keeping the mask balanced on your head. In other words, you don't feel strong enough and you lean on your mother again who helps you with the mask. However, when you cut the strings that is looped around your teeth, it is symbolic of how you are cutting your mother loose. She doesn't appear in the remainder of your dream and you are left to stand on your own. Perhaps this is the first time in your life where you truly feel like an adult.

On your own now, you are overwhelmed with anxiety. You immediately notice your loose and falling teeth. You lose your sense of power and aggression and start to question your ability to handle things on your own. You really fear being alone and seek comfort in Matt and even in your cat, Simon.

Incidentally, dentists implies vulnerability. But when you dream that you can't afford a dentist indicates your waking concerns about money matters.

Towards the end of your dream, when Matt says "Let's go to the dentist" is telling of how you will overcome your financial problems. However, the notion that you have to climb UPstairs suggests that to put an end of your money worries is not going to be an easy one. These two people in you dream who are trying to hinder you from achieving your goals may be self-defeating qualities and aspects of your own self. You may have self-doubt in your success. Ask yourself what is really stopping you from proceeding up the stairs. What do you fear? Failure? Falling down?

Best Regards,


Angela's Response:  


A sincere "thank-you" as your e-mail has shed much light on my psyche this evening. I hope your talents continue to do so for you and others.

In peace & love,

Angela G.



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