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teeth dreams                 



In my dream my friend's brother and a couple of his friends came over to my house. My friend's brother and one of his friends have their girlfriend with them. The other friend is alone. Then we head out to some gathering, and my mom is with us. 

I had just gotten braces (In real life I never had braces) on my top teeth and they were extremely painful and uncomfortable. So I pulled them down to my bottom teeth, all of the sudden my teeth started to bleed very badly and fall out, each time a tooth fell out I would hand it to my mom and she would put it in her pocket. It was always incisors or molars that fell out. I suppose it would be helpful to mention that my friend's brother was sitting behind her as I gave the teeth to her, and that once had a crush on him.

What does this mean?
August 19, 2000


Your dream about loosing your teeth is a very common. Your dream is a classic example of what it generally means when one's teeth falls out. It is obvious that you are concerned about your appearance and what your friend's brother thinks about you. I wonder if you still have a tiny crush on him (maybe if he didn't have a girlfriend). You may still act a little nervous when he's around. And this nervousness manifested itself in your dream. You feel insecure. You probably never know what exactly to say and when you do say something to him, you probably think your sounded stupid. In this regard, the lack of teeth also represents you difficulties in communicating with him. After all, without your teeth, what you say is unclear and muffled. It is quite natural to become tongue-tied when talking to someone you like.

An interesting thing to note in your dream is that you had braces. In dreams, puns come into play a lot, as corny as some may be. Your braces is a pun for you to "brace yourself". As you go to this gathering, you may be bracing yourself for something bad that may happen...and then your teeth falls out. Your mom is a protective figure who shields you from your friend's brother so that he can't really see you in your toothless condition.

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