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teeth dreams                 


Rotting Teeth  

I had a dream that I bit on something that was hard and a tooth fell out. Quickly all of my teeth start rotting and falling out. I looked at myself and saw that I had few teeth left and the ones left were black and small. I used my hand to pull back my cheek and look at my back teeth and half of my lower jaw (gums and teeth in one piece) fell out into my hand. I was terrified. I fit it back into place before anyone saw it and rushed to my boyfriend for comfort to tell him what was happening. I said, "Look are my teeth!" and he said, "what did you do?" That was the end of the dream.

Amy C.
June 21, 2000

Dear Amy,

Dreams about loosing your teeth typically represents you insecurities and concerns about your appearance and how you think others perceive you. You may be feeling unattractive and this may be reflected in your toothless condition.

All and all, it would be important to explore the relationship you have with your boyfriend. You mentioned how you run to him for comfort, but instead of being comforted, he sounds like he is more or less blaming you for the situation. He says "what did you do?" as if it was your fault that your teeth fell out and that you had done something to make them fall out. This may parallel a deeper issue between you and your boyfriend where you may feel that he has blamed you for something that were beyond your control. Maybe he is making little kidding remarks about your physical appearance and in your mind you feel like he would like you to look a certain way. Your feel that you are not meeting his expectations of beauty. Or perhaps, you may be putting pressure on yourself and you think that that is what he is thinking.

Best Regards,





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Rotting Teeth

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