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teeth dreams                 


Email Bag: Falling Teeth And Gossip  

For many years, I had dreams of loosing my teeth. The basic theme was always the same - I would notice my front teeth were very loose. I would become very upset by this. Eventually, to my horror, they would painlessly drop out. I would pick them up and shove them back into their sockets, in an attempt to make them stay in. Of course this failed. Soon, all my teeth would be loose in their sockets and I would feel mounting hysteria as I realized I was going to loose them all. Sometimes I would spit them out, and the sensation of that was awful. Or sometimes they would crumble and I would be spitting out tiny pieces. This version was more upsetting as I would be distraught not to have the actual teeth at all. I would always awaken with sore front teeth (spooky).

Personally, I never really went on the typical analysis that teeth falling dreams was about not being heard. Eventually, I did find an interpretation that said it signified the dreamer could be gossiping too much, perhaps maliciously, or revealing too much to an unknown enemy. This seemed to fit perfectly.

After having this interpretation, when I dreamed of teeth falling out I would also dream of trying to resolve it, by trying to find a dentist or gluing them back in. This told me I was indeed on the right track. I now only have this dream very rarely as a warning to watch my mouth - which I heed immediately.

May 8, 2001

Dream Moods' Reply:


Thank you for sharing your teeth falling dream with us and showing us the importance of an interpretation in helping you resolve and understand the meaning of your dreams.

You had mentioned that your dreams of teeth falling was due to malicious gossip. We are not here to tell you that this is right or this is wrong. Only you can determine what is the correct interpretation for your own dreams. With that said, we have included your perspective on our site so that our visitors can decide and determine which meaning is most applicable to them. 

Best Regards,





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