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flying dreams                 


Hard Landing

I am 29 years old and ever since I can remember I have had the same dream over and over in almost the same fashion.

When I was younger I would dream that I was flying over the earth with a bright rope tied to my waist. Then for no reason the rope would break and I started flying away from the earth. I got scared and grabbed the bright rope and pulled myself back toward the earth. 

But now as I am older I find myself running in my dreams and when I jump I start flying high up into the air. Then I start falling back down to the earth. This will happen a couple times in my dream until I get so scared because I know it will hurt when I hit the ground. It seems so real. My heart is racing and I hurt when I am falling back down to the earth. I am so scared I wake myself up and my heart is racing and I am almost in tears. Why is this happening to me and what does this mean? Please help me understand what this is meaning and is this some sort of a sign?

Thank You,
October 29, 2000

Hi Jennifer,

Your past dreams of flying seems to suggest fears of letting go and exploring the world on your own. This may stem from an overprotective or sheltered upbringing. 

Jumping in dreams represents risks and challenges. It is accompanied by feelings of excitement as you jump up and then anxiety as you fall back down to the earth. This may parallel a new situation in your waking life in which you are feeling both excitement and anxiety. You may be facing an obstacle in which you are not sure how to approach. It seems that you are uncomfortable with being in the air (as also shown in your dreams when you were younger). This may have to do with issues of independence and fear of failure. You feel out of control. Sometimes you need to break free and take a chance.  

What your dream may also be telling you is the literal ups and downs of your life and the hurdles that you need to jump over. Even if you don't land on your feet, you need to get up and try again. 

Best Regards,




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