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flying dreams                 


I Can Fly And I'm Not Crazy!

HELLO. I've had this dream twice now where that I can fly; I mean no wings. I am able to lift off the ground at will, but with a very concentrated effort and strength. I also have horse, but I do not know the color or what he looks like. Also, I personally own a little Chihuahua and in my dream, he is also with me. But, not my husband.

The only other thing that I can say is some strange people are trying to have me put in an institution because they think I am crazy since I tell them I can fly. They never believe me, I never see the their faces. I fly to the tops of mountains, and to cities in Europe (which I always wanted to visit). Can you interpret this for me? Thank you. 

September 10, 2000


Flying dreams typically illustrate your sense of freedom and feeling liberated from the constraints of everyday life. It sounds like you have just accomplished some project and feel like a big burden has been lifted off your shoulders. You described that much concentration and effort goes into your ability to your flying. This may parallel the similar efforts you had invested into this successful project. The mountain you fly over further reiterates your success and how you are on top of things. Flying over Europe (a place you always wanted to visit) suggests a well deserved reward for your hard work.

The animals in your dream are very telling of the qualities you still adhere to and maintain even though you have achieved an increased level of success. The horse is symbolic of your values and integrity. It also represents the power you currently have. Your dog is symbolic of your instinctual nature and loyalty. Although you may be flying high above the sky, you still remain loyal to those you leave behind.

Flying dreams are so glorious and liberating that you may not want to come back down to earth. You mention that you have had this dream twice now and may be on some endorphine or mental high. The people who want to institutionalized may be attempting to bring you back down to reality. You may be expressing yourself more freely and have been saying what is on your mind, but sometimes it may be wise to show some restraint and hold back. 

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