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flying dreams                 


Exhilarated Flying

Hi! This is the first time ever I've had a flying dream that was exhilarating and euphoric. My dreams of flying was usually being chased by someone wishing to harm me. My dream of exhilarated flying was caused by a steady wind-stream flowing around a forest of very tall trees and the trees had the sweetest luscious fruit colored medium golden, large reds, and small green. I flew because I was picking the fruit for the women that were on the ground. I was aware that there were snakes in the forest but I never saw any. I sometimes flew over fences to reach the fruit on overhanging boughs. When I looked at the trees they seem to go as far as the eyes can see. I remember wanting to land but didn't know how. Landing was exactly easy. I grasped the boughs of trees for assistance. A woman and daughter came to assist me. The other women on the ground didn't seem to believe that I could not land because I seem to fly so easily. These women began to ignore me as if they were envious because they could not fly. That saddened me because I was picking the fruit for them.

Miria B.
August 4, 2000

Dear Miria,

You mentioned how this was the first time you ever had a flying dream that was exhilarating. It would be interesting to note what was going on in your waking life when you had those negative experiences in your past flying dreams. They could parallel a situation in your life where somebody was working to keep you down or it may have stem from your own anxieties about achieving your goals and maintaining your level of success. It is quite obvious now that you now have gained a new sense of personal power as your recent flying dream suggests. You have overcame some major obstacles in your life as you fly effortlessly over the fences in your dream. A feeling of freedom comes over you as you are liberated from what was troubling you before. Your ease of flying signifies that you have reached a place in your life where you are feeling confident and secure, perhaps even a little too over-confident. You mentioned how a few women had been jealous of your flying ability. Perhaps you may have been a little show-offy about your flight. Or perhaps they resented your unique achievement and felt that you were rubbing your success in their face.

Your difficulty in landing is telling of your fears of losing that power you hold. There is still a part of yourself that believes that your success may not last long.

It's also very interesting how you were aware of snakes in the forest, but you didn't see them. This could be a reference to your previous flying dreams of being chased. A "snake" is often used to describe a treacherous or ruthless person. Although you had acknowledged their presence in your dream, you showed no fear or worry. You have overcame something and this maybe why they are not chasing you anymore. You may want to ask yourself who was chasing you before. Would you describe that person as a snake?

Your dreams is a place where many puns come into play. You are picking fruits. This could very well mean the "fruits of your labor". In particular, your dream suggest that the "fruits of your labor" is not being appreciated. You feel that you've worked hard and demand recognition. You find that success and a position at the top can sometimes alienate people.

Best Regards,




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