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Snakes Jumping At Me

I don't recall my dreams. Last night I had a very strange dream. I dreamt that I was walking in the woods with my ex-stepmother-in-law and she was trying to convince me to take my ex-husband back. I listen to what she had to say and when she finished. I stated that I could not go back to the past and that it was over. The next thing that happened was she started to walk ahead of me and then all these snakes started jumping out at me, they were all around me and then I woke up. I do not understand this dream. I hope that you can give me some insight to it for it has left me really nervous.

Thank You, 
October 9, 2000


I think you found the meaning to your dream when you said that you could not go back to the past and that that aspect of your life is over. Snakes are complicated dream symbols and have both positive and negative meanings. In your case, it is a positive symbol suggesting changes and self-renewal. Snakes, especially twining snakes, is a signal of a healing dream. You are obviously ready to move on toward the future and no longer want to relive the past. Because of the snake's ability to move and slide with ease, this may parallel your fresh outlook on life.

Best Regards,




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