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Black Cat

I dream a lot. It is not very often that I do not dream.

My dreams are generally about me be on a train or trying to get on a train. Or on a bus and seems like I'm going in the same location. Sometimes I dream about my decease mother which is very seldom or my grandmother. But I generally dream about my aunt who raise me after my mother died and is also decease now.

First let me tell you this I am what you call very unlucky person. If I have a good morning the evening will end up bad. Well I have had almost 42 years of what you would call bad luck or just unlucky and I was wondering if my dreams has anything to do with them.

I very seldom dream of my daughter and when I do its like she turns into someone else.

To make a long story short. This morning I woke up to use the bathroom around 2:30am. It I got this rent receipt underneath my door, which for some reason the co-op people just can't seem to get right. I know I went back to sleep angry when I finally dose off. It took me a while to go back to sleep and when I did, I start to dream. It was a strange dream. My daughter had this cat and it was black and I told her to take it back upstairs. Then it seems I asked her if she fed the cat. Seems also this dream took place in the bathroom. Where at one point its seems we were trying to clean spaghettis and we were trying to clean it off the sink and for some strange reason I took my nails and dug into my daughter's legs (My daughter is 15 years old and we have a pretty good relationship and she is not a bad person so why would I want to hurt her) and she gave me this strange look like wow why did you do this with this strange look on her little face like it was almost evil. Getting back to the cat. My daughter than took the cat in put it in this light blue tub that we have to soak our soaks etc. It was full of milk and we put the cat in it. He did not drown he was just standing up in the milk and we were looking at it. Then the alarm clock went off and I woke up.

Could this dream mean that since I was around my sister, niece and her cat yesterday which is not black that I dream about the cat. When my daughter went down to answer the door and saw my neighbor which has been living down South for the last couple of years that I was having this dream. My daughter comes into the part where I told her that she has to make sure that she has to study tomorrow for her regents. Maybe me digging into her skin with my nails was me being angry with my neighbors.

I have so many dreams and I do not understand them. I have this dream book that I try to look up my dreams but it always say something negative. Which makes me very afraid. Not all dreams can be bad can they. I know that when I dream about my aunt or my mother something always bad happens to me. Not bad where I am sick just financial and other things which I cannot explain.

Sorry this was a long note, but any advise you give would be greatly appreciate!

July 21, 2000

Dear Anita,

No, I don't think all dreams are bad, In fact, I don't think there is such things as bad dreams because dreams allow us to express our feelings and emotions in ways that we normally would not if we were awake.

Your recurring dreams of being or trying to get on a train suggests that you have a definite course that you want to stick to. You have clearly set goals for yourself and it seems to be a constant struggle for you to keep up with them. Your bus dreams beckons a similar tone in that you know where you need to be in terms of your goals. But the path and route in achieving those goals may not be a smooth or easy one. I think these dreams occur so often for you maybe your mind training your mind to believe that you can get to where you want to be.

It sounds like you really believe that you are an unlucky person. In my humble opinion, I think that it has more to do with the way you look at things. If you continue to believe you are unlucky, then unlucky things will happen. It is mind over matter. Start looking at the good things and emphasize on the positives that happen to you! :)

Now about your cat dream. I think it reflects on your unlucky mindset. You believe that you are unlucky so much so that you've internalized it. In this particular dream, I think you are represented by the black cat - a symbol of bad luck. The black cat is just the way you see yourself and has no additional meanings other than that. You have becomed the embodiment of bad luck. In the dream, you projected yourself through the cat and in turn the cat projected itself through you. Cats tend to claw on things and thus when you were digging your nails into your daughter, it was really the cat. I don't think you had any intentions of harming your daughter. It was a way for your mind to clue you in on what is happening - that you were no longer you. Then your dream shifts to the attention of the cat. It is no coincidence that the cat is soaking in a tub of milk. Milk is symbolic of maternal instincts, nurturance and motherly love. And hence your dream may be a reassurance that you are surrounded by love.

Best Regards,




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