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Boiling A Rabbit

I've got one dream in particular that bothers me. I remember it so clearly.

My aborted baby's father and I are messing around (I wasn't seeing him at the time). Then he says "Wait, not yet", and he pulls out this dirty, nasty hunting knife and slashes my leg. I lay there in shock looking at it and say "Why'd you do that? That's gonna hurt and it's gonna bleed." He looks at me and smiles and says "Yeah, it's gonna hurt and it's gonna bleed, but you'll be alright."

The other one that bothers me I can only remember one part of it. I put a white rabbit into a pot of boiling sauce. I wouldn't let it go when it struggled to get out. 

Thanks for any help.

January 11, 2002

HI Sharie,

Your first dream is about sex and domination. The knife can be seen as phallic symbol and thus represents sexual intercourse. From your dream account, I wonder if this guy was the one who took your virginity. In this dream, you are expressing some regrets. You feel that you have lost the ability to move forward with your life.

Rabbits are often associated with procreation, reproduction, and fertility. The symbology of putting the rabbit into a boiling pot may be metaphor for your abortion, particularly if the sauce in the pot was reddish in color. You may be experiencing difficulties and emotional turmoil in coping with the abortion.

Best Regards,




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