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Can't Make Phone Call

Happy New Year! My name is Indira and I am 30yrs old.

About a week or two ago, almost every night, I would have theses recurring theme dreams: the theme was the telephone (my cell phone, a public pay phone, etc.)  

In my first dream I was walking in my neighborhood, away from the grocery store and I was trying to call my boyfriend from my cellular. Even though I have his number in memory, every time I would dial, the call would redirect to someone else. After about 5 or 6 tries, I gave up. As I am walking, I see a pile of feces (sorry). It was still steaming and almost at the same time my phone rang and it was him asking me if I was trying to contact him.

My second dream, I was in a hair salon with my hair wrapped in something and asking the woman at the register if she sold a specific hair treatment to which see said, yes. I then went to sit down and saw a pay phone. I tried to use the phone and a man said not to use it cause it was broken. I then noticed I had a handful of pennies and a quarter to make this call. I tried to use the phone which was an older type public phone with a rotary in the center. I took my quarter. I began to freak out because I couldn't make my call. After a while I walked outside and there he was in a tow truck picking me up. Weird since I hadn't told him where I was.

Can you please help me interpret these?

Thank you.
January 18, 2001

Hi Indira,

In dreams, the telephone reflects the connection you have with a situation or relationship. Your difficulties in getting a hold of your boyfriend is telling of some communication problems that you may be having with him in your waking relationship. Sometimes you feel that your boyfriend is unreachable or that he is not always there for you. I wonder if these recurring dreams stem from low self-esteem. The feces you come upon in your path suggests feelings of unworthiness and aspects of yourself that you believe are undesirable. At that same instance, your boyfriend calls you as if to offer his reassurance. When your boyfriend pulls up in the tow truck in your second dream, it indicates your dependency on him.

Although, you may have difficulties in communicating verbally, you two seem to connect on a deeper level. The telephone is also symbolic of a telepathic message or spiritual communication. In both your dream accounts, your boyfriend seemed to have known that you were trying to contact him. Deep inside you know your boyfriend will be there for you in your time of need, but sometimes you need that physical reassurance.

Best Regards,




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