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Birth To Twins

Hello. I had a dream last night that scared my a little. I dreamt that I was pregnant with twins. Then later in the dream, I gave birth to them. One a girl and the other a boy. I'm a virgin now, but I'm planning to lose my virginity with my boyfriend in February. We talk about it a lot, like everyday. What does my dream mean? Please Help

Thanks so much.
January 4, 2002


Giving birth to twins represents the battle between the opposites of your psyche in order to become whole. Your dream may occur as a result of the inner conflict you are experiencing. It is doubtful that your dream means that you are having fears of getting pregnant.

The notion that the twins are fraternal symbolizes the union between the feminine and masculine aspects of yourself. This may also refer to the physical union between you and your boyfriend.

Best Regards,




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