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My dream was about Lava that was going to hit our city, yet there was no volcano in sight. Once the lava came in it was sure to burn. However, one lady had the ability to place a circle or square big enough to fit your feet size and if you stood inside it, the lava would go around it. But you had to be special. In my dreams, there were a lot of people, including family members and even my ex-boyfriend. My fear was losing one of my kids, I slightly got burned but scared to death to go through this. At the end my daughter survived, my mom, and I still needed to wait for me, my two sons, and my brother to see if we survive. then I woke up.

Rose S.
August 11, 2000

Dear Rose,

Your dream suggests some sort of emotional turmoil occurring in your home life. I get many dreams from people who dreamt about a flood hitting their home and they worry about family members coming out of it okay. Your dream has the same premise except that it is lava that is hitting your town. Lava implies emotions having to do with anger and rage. You mentioned how one lady was special in that she was able to to deflect the lava away from her feet. The way you dubbed this lady as "special" suggests your lack of self-confidence and feeling of inferiority. You don't think you are special or your don't feel special.

Interestingly, you mentioned how your ex-boyfriend was in your dream. Is he still an active participant in your daily life? Would you describe the relationship you have with him as tumultuous and one with many conflicts? You also expressed fear in losing one of your kids and I am wondering if this may stem from feeling that you have to compete for the attention of your kids. Such feelings could explain the issues of inferiority and anger.

Best Regards,


Caitlin's Response:

Thank you for your response to my dream. Before I tell you what happened the day after I had this dream, let me reassure that my family or I did not see a movie with lava or a volcano. My son had not known that I had this dream. To my surprise, my son, the one that I had the most fear in losing in my dream, had a dream the night after I did about lava. He says there were no family members, just the people that live in our neighborhood. He was getting burned. Now does this have anything to do with my dream, and how do you interpret this dream for him.

Steve's Response:

Hello Rose,

Dreams are so fascinating in the way that it works. Such dreams seem to defy explanation and seems to be the work of a divine source. However, I will attempt to say that your son's dream seem to be a continuation of the lava dream you had the night before. In your own dream, you had mentioned how you woke up before finding out if your brother and sons had survive. It seems like you find the answer to that question in your son's dream. Thus your son's dream may serve as a sense of closure.

The human race as diverse as we all are share many common dreams of being chased, of having their teeth fall out, etc.. I would expect that a family unit who have gone through the same experiences together will share even more similar dreams amongst themselves.

Best Regards,



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