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Scissors In The Forest

I searched your dream dictionary, but I couldn't find anything on Scissors. Last night I dreamt I was in forest covered in snow and I was next to a wide stream. There were people all around that I didn't know (almost like a tourist attraction, but not really). I was with a few people that I did know. Down by the stream in/on a small tree I found three pair of metal scissors and I was perplexed as to why they were there. Then I noticed across the way there was a large tree that had it's branches twisted in such a way that it was shape like the three scissors. I held the scissors up one at a time in the air to see that the branches were the exact same shape as the scissors just on a larger scale, in my dream I was perplexed and was wondering why it was and if something was trying to tell me something.

I am so baffled! I would REALLY appreciate any insight you could give me. 

Thank You, 
Dawn R.
May 31, 2001

Hi Dawn,

The large tree in your dream may be a pun on the family tree. The branches in particular, represent the relationship and connection between you and your family/relatives. The scissors may be a metaphor to cut off some familial ties where each of the three scissors represent a family member or relative. Perhaps you need to start letting go of someone in your family and let them go and explore the world for themselves.

Best Regards,







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