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I'm standing inside my house in fear and panic of the approaching storm/tornado. Looking frantically for a hiding place or some protection. All the walls on three sides were blown out glass windows the only thing I can see are the frames and broken jagged edges. I look behind me and there is a brick wall in the shape of an I but the storm was coming at me and with the wall behind me there was no protection from the storm and I felt this terrible fear and doom.

Debbie J.
September 12, 2000

Hi Debbie,

It is important to note that houses in dreams are often metaphors for the self and the psyche. In your dream where the walls of the houses are blown down suggest tremendous stress and personal changes that are going on in your life. You literally feel that your life is crumbling down on you and that you have no one to turn to. In addition, you may have let your guard down and allowed yourself to be vulnerable.

The coming of the storm/tornado further reiterates the turmoil that is occurring in your waking life. A relationship or situation is eating away at you and potentially dangerous to your well-being. Storms are also representative of unexpressed fears, anger, and other emotions that you have kept hidden inside.

In dreams, sometimes it is not so important what happens in your dream but how your FEEL during the dream. Many times in our waking life, we prevent ourselves from feeling a certain way. However, dreams serve as a "safe" outlet to express those emotions in which we keep inside.

Best Regards,


Debbie's Response:

Thanks Jade, I appreciate your getting back to me with this. Yes, my life is in turmoil and I do feel I have no one to trust at times. A stormy relationship with and between my husband and my son. My husband was transferred to Georgia in the past few weeks and my 19 year old son is in much trouble with the law and depends on me for everything. I feel like I'm being ripped into. I made an agreement with the courts to stick by his side for a few months until he gets straightened out with his mess and my husband has already left for Georgia . I feel alone with my struggles.

Thanks for what you do!

Warm regards,
Debbie J.






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