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Raining Snakes

I had a dream that me, mom, dad and my sister, Tiffany were sleeping in the jungle. At first, we were all on the ground sleeping in sleeping bags. Then the car alarm went off and all the animals got upset and it started to rain snakes. They were everywhere. 

So we went inside this squishy thing and we could see these fireflies sticking there ends into it trying to get in. They looked like diamonds, but when you touched them they felt like needles. 

The snakes kept trying to get in. I got one by the neck and made it bite another snake and it killed it. When I looked outside, I saw Tiffany laying out there and she was still sleeping. Snakes were eating her and biting her nose. So I told one of the snakes to go and kill the the other snake biting Tiffany. It tried to until one of the other snakes said "okay, lets go". So then everything was back to normal and we were back at home. 

What does this mean??? I was so confused when I woke up.

September 20, 2000


The jungle signifies your instinctual nature and your unconscious. The car alarm is a very unnatural aspect of the jungle environment. It may be a way to call attention to a matter in your unconscious that needs to emerge and be acknowledged at once.

The raining of snakes is again drawing your attention to your unconscious thoughts. Specifically snakes represent primal energy, temptation and evil. These may be the thoughts that are in your unconscious in which you do not want to face.

The fireflies in your dream represents the mind and how light needs to be shed onto some matter that you have been repressing. You mention how they look like diamonds but they were prickly to the touch. This notion suggests something of value that is out of reach. In other words, you need to confront and address those feelings that you are suppressing; in doing so, you will have a better understanding of yourself.

When you went back home in the end of your dream, you said everything was okay. You equate home with safety, comfort, shelter, and protection. In the jungle, you were out in the open with the elements. You were forced to confront thoughts and feelings from your unconscious.

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