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Snakes Everywhere!

Hi. I had this dream the night before last, so I hope I can get most of it for you. I looked up some of the things in the dream in the dictionary, but would like your opinion.

It starts out with me walking down a smooth dirt road, with trees and grass on the side, but I only see what is to the right and slightly ahead of me, I never see anything on the left. As I'm walking, I pass a snake curled up on a rock. It looks at me but I know it isn't a dangerous snake. It's a "good" snake, so I move on, and leave it alone. I'm still walking, and pass a rattlesnake, curled up on the side of the road. It doesn't strike, just rattles it's tail, it startles me, but I leave it behind. 

Shortly, I come to a park where children are playing, but they are surrounded by snakes. I know there are several children, but I focus on one, which I think is a little girl. She is near the merry-go-round like ride, (no horses, just one like are in kiddie parks). I glimpse a white tiger somewhere in the park. It wasn't prominent, but it was there. I hurry to a small building ahead of me, (which reminded me of a telegraph office, or train station office) and go inside to call 911. 

The lady at the desk asked what was wrong and I told her I needed to use the phone because the children were surrounded by snakes. She let me and I called the police. The police told me to get everyone out of the office and I did. I was alone in the office trying to convince them to help the children. They weren't very concerned. I told them there were many snakes and a tiger out there with the kids. Their attitude was very condescending, and unhelpful. 

As I was sitting in the chair, a burgundy colored "Siamese" snake came out from under a nearby chair. I thought at first it just had two heads, but it had two bodies too. The body of the head on the left, (as I was looking at it), looked like it had been bitten off, just behind where the snakes joined, but it was alive. 

I was still on the phone, and the right head moved up and bit me on the left thigh. I told the police that I was being bitten, but I didn't think it had fangs. It didn't hurt, just tingled a lot. I remember thinking I had heard somewhere not to fight it if a snake bit you, just let it, till it was done. The sensation of tingling was strong, but I woke up before the snake stopped biting me. That was the end of it, but it was quite vivid, especially the bite on the thigh.

Any input would be helpful. I have some ideas based on the dictionary, but I'm new to dream interpretation. 

Thank you,
September 20, 2000

Hi RJ,

The overall tone of your dream is that of helplessness. It is interesting how you remark that you can only see the right side of your view. The right side represents the conscious side, while the left side symbolizes the unconscious. You seem reluctant in confronting your unconscious feelings and thoughts.

The snakes in your dream symbolize primal energy, temptation, and evil. These are the thoughts and feelings you may be trying to suppress. The road you are traveling in your dream reflects the path you have taken in your waking life. You come upon a couple of snakes along your life path with no incident and proceeded forward. In constantly suppressing your feelings, over time it will overflow to the point where you are forced to confront them. The park filled with children surrounded by snakes exemplifies this notion and forces you to take some action. The children represents the future and growth. As you set forth on this path, you find that your future is in jeopardy in some way.

The two-headed snakes puts you face to face against your unconscious. To your surprise, you find that even when bitten by the snake, you were not hurt. Your dream may be an invitation for you to explore your unconscious and not to be afraid of what there is to learn about yourself.

Best Regards,







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