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It's Not Going To Work

I have been having this dream that my husband tell me that it just isn't going to work and that he has tried but it isn't going to happen. I am beating him up in my dream after he tells me this and his mom is telling me he is right you guys aren't going to work things out. Can you help me with this.

Thank You, 
September 21, 2000


After reading your dream, my  question is if you and your husband have any unresolved issues in your waking life. One function of dreams is that they serve as an outlet for us to release and express emotions that we otherwise would hold back and repress in our normal day-to-day life. Obviously, you are angry at him for something. This anger is channeled into your dream. Sometimes the emotions you feel in your dream is much more important then the scenario of the dream itself.

Overall, your dream is pretty vague. Your husband is telling you that it isn't going to work out. The obvious conclusion is that your relationship is not going to work out. But, keep in mind that dreams are a cryptic language. When he says that it isn't going to work, it can refer to anything. What isn't going to work? An appliance? A device? A plan? It does not necessarily mean that your marriage will not work.

What is your relationship with your mother-in-law? Do you feel that she is somewhat unsupportive of you? Does she question the way you raise your family? In you dream, it seems like his mother is pessimistic about the way things are going between the two of you.

Best Regards,







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