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Sad Break-Up


Can you please interpret this dream for me. I think you'd like some information about me to help. I'm 13 years old and I'm in the 7th grade. I got dumped by my girlfriend who I really love (still do), but she never talks to me anymore. Now for the dream.

I was sitting in math class. Everyone was in their assigned seats. I sit in front of my ex-girlfriend and someone sits behind her. That person behind her was absent. She looked to see if he was there and when she saw he wasn't she said something close to "Oh great, Skook isn't here....I guess I'll have to talk to you now". She sounded annoyed. She let out a sigh of boredom. After a few minutes (like 2) into our failing conversation, she said "Geez, you're boring!!" and she just sat up and leaned against the wall next to our row. I turned around and felt sad ....than I woke up.

Thanks for your help,
January 6, 2001

Hi T.J.

I am sorry to hear about your break-up. It sounds like you are still trying to get over the relationship. You mentioned how she never talks to you anymore and your dream seems to try to seek out a reason for why she doesn't talk to you. I think you are looking for flaws and negative things about yourself as to why the relationship ended and why she may have dumped you. You seem to be beating yourself up and blaming yourself for the break-up. It's important NOT to blame yourself.

This dream of your ex-girlfriend is a way to help you cope and get over the break-up more quicker. In your dream you felt sad. That feeling of sadness is significant because it indicates acknowledgement of your feelings. It is far better to express your emotions then to suppress them.

Best Regards,


T.J's Response:







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