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Black Rabbit

There is just one part of the dream I can remember. I was in a field riding my bike towards a street behind my mother, and I turned and saw a black rabbit hop next to me.

Can you tell me anything about that??

Thank you :)
January 6, 2001

Hi Derek,

First let's examine some of the individual symbols in your dream. The field is representative of freedom, openness and your unlimited potential. The bicycle symbolizes your progress toward your goals on your OWN power and will.

In your dream you mentioned that you were riding your bike behind your mother. This suggest that you have not yet broke free from the shadow of your mother. Somehow you are restricted and held back. You are in this open field but yet you are still following behind your mother. The street that you are riding toward is the path toward you goal. It seems like you already have a set path and you know what you want to do.

Rabbits in dreams is sometimes a symbol for the mother archetype. It's appearance in your dream may further reiterate that your mother is never ever too far away.

Best Regards,


Derek's Response:

Hi again,

Let me say just this....wow...thank you!!







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