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I'm A Lizard!

Gosh I am so glad I found this site! I have a recurring dream......had it for years....I am a lizard ... salamander....something very green. I feel the ground and floor beneath my body, especially my belly. The most vivid part of this dream is that I can see and feel my hands (which are claws) grasping the grass (which is very cool to the touch). I can feel myself pulling harder and faster with each grasp....I feel fear and want to move faster, but can't move any faster....I am in awe as I move this fast...

And that is it! LOL

Thanks Again!

Dear Annie,

Thank you for sharing your dream with us!

It sounds like you found your dream as a lizard to be a very liberating and freeing experience. Many people would be disturbed if they had turned into a lizard, but you on the other hand, seem to take full advantage of your lizard ability in crawling though the grass as fast as you can. Your dream seems to symbolize your sense of adventure, your love of nature and your resourcefulness. Even though you may be a thrill seeker, you still remain well grounded.

Best Regards,







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