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The Bunny Dog

Hey, my name is Devon G.

I have been visiting your site recently and I need some help on a dream that I recently had...well here it goes.

I have a pet bunny and I'm chasing her all around this little town. I am near the water also and I can see a harbor. I know there are people around but I cant really see them. When I finally catch my bunny she seems to have turned into a dog. But in the dream I act completely normal. The dog seems happy because she is wagging her tail and licking me.

I rarely remember dreams and this one seemed a little significant to me and I don't know why. There has been a lot going on in my life and I'm hoping you can translate this dream for me.

Thanks a lot,
Devon G.
December 2, 2000

Hi Devon,

Your dream of chasing your pet bunny reminds me of the story of Alice in Wonderland. In this sense, the rabbit suggests that you are being enticed by something or some situation which has sparked your curiosity. The image of the rabbit (as well as the harbor) signals welcomed changes and new events. Notice that you are the one doing the chasing. This signifies that you may be trying to achieve some goal or find a solution to a waking situation.

Also, the rabbit is often associated with timidness and vulnerability. Consider how these characteristics relate to your own personality. When the rabbit changes into a dog, this transformation may parallel the changes you are experiencing. The dog may represent the newly developed part of your personality that is more confident and even potentially threatening. Perhaps this is the goal you want to achieve - to be more confident. Not so coincidentally, the town you are running around in is another metaphor for the different parts of the Self. It is interesting how you remark that you know that there are people around but that you don't see them. In actuality, these people also represent aspects of yourself in which you are literally not acknowledging or seeing. Ask yourself who you think these people are and what they are like. This may offer clues as to what parts of yourself you need to give more attention to.

Best Regards,







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