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Spinning Van

What can you tell me about a dream I just had? My husband and I were in our van. I was driving. Suddenly it started spinning out of control. I could feel the spinning sensation and hear my husband's fear but couldn't do anything to correct it or stop it. I woke up before I saw the ending of the dream, but am left with the dizzying fear of spinning. My driving the van might not be significant in that I always drive when we go anywhere together. I'd be interested in your interpretation of this dream. Thank you!

September 9, 2000


Generally, driving is symbolic of how you are navigating through life. The van is representative of how you are approaching a situation or your progress through life. And according to your dream, you may be going through a circumstance in which you feel is out of your control. The notion that your husband is in the van with you when your vehicle spins of out control suggests that the situation at hand may stem from your relationship with him. Did you have an argument or disagreement with him on the night of the dream? Are there broader issues that you feel you need to discuss with your husband?

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