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Hello. Can you please help, as I am starting to worry?

I have had two dreams approximately 3-4 weeks apart. In these dreams, I was menstruating. I even put my hand to the blood and looking at it (being female I hope this means nothing). But on looking up the meaning of blood, it keeps coming back with bad tidings.

In one book, looking up BLOOD, it even said: Death my accident, or bad gossip being spread about me, also other bad tidings.

Now, because I have had this same kind of dream twice, I am starting to get worried. Can you help? I have tried your dreams pages on the internet, but nothing.

October 12, 2000

Hi Samantha,

Your dream is nothing to worry about. It is quite common for women to dream of blood shortly before or during their period or when they are pregnant. Judging from your email when you said that your two dreams occurred about 3-4 weeks apart, this sounds consistent with a menstrual cycle. The menstrual cycle repeats itself every 20-25 days and thus the onset of your dreams may occur at a specific stage of your cycle.

In some way, your dreaming mind is in sync with your menstrual cycle. Your dream may indicate some hiddenanxiety about your cycle or herald an unexpected/earlyperiod. Again it should not be anything to be alarmed about.

Best Regards,







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