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Dogs In The Bathroom

Before I start, I just want to let you know a little about myself. I am an 18 year old girl. I have been feeling depressed lately and maybe that has to do with my dream.

In my dream, I am at a friend's house from work but it is really my old house that I moved out of 5 years ago. They are making fun of my breast size and passing my bras to each other. I am embarrassed so I went for the bathroom. 

On my way there, I keep touching the walls and looking at everything. As I am going downstairs, a dog comes up and I start petting him. He starts to jump on me and lick me. Then about 5 puppies walk by and look at me. Then another dog starts pulling at my jeans and play-biting me. I try to walk away from him but he keeps pulling me back. He is all over me. I was anxious to go to the bathroom to get away from the dogs, but there was no door to separate me from the dogs. Then I saw two dogs in the bathtub. When I turned around, two greyhounds swam over to me. Somehow I end up in water and the the 2 greyhounds and the dog that was play-biting me are drowning me. Then I wake up.

October 5, 2000

Hi Bridget,

The overall tone of your dream is that of anxiety and feeling overwhelmed by your repressed emotions. You indicated in your dream that you were at your friend's house. But in reality, this was a house that you had actually lived in and moved out of five years ago. That would mean you were about 13 years of age at the time. When you dream about houses you've lived in in your past, it usually reflects aspects of yourself that were developed during that particular time. Recall when you were 13 and what you were feeling at the time. These feelings may have gone unexpressed and have recently being triggered by a waking situation. In your dream you described how your friends were making fun of your bra size. This sort of taunting and teasing, either perceived or real, sounds like something a young teen may go through during the awkward stages of development. You may compare yourself to others who were developing faster than you and in a way felt inferior to them. Till this day, you seem to still struggle with issues regarding your appearance and your ability to express yourself.

How you make your way to the bathroom is also very significant. You touch the wall and looked at everything. The wall gives you solace, security, and protection. Have you put a wall between yourself and others? This wall symbolizes a barrier against your repressed emotions. However, when you go DOWNstairs to go to the bathroom, it is analogous to going deep into your unconscious and confronting your repressed emotions, however fearful it may be. On the surface, you may display the strength and desire to confront your feelings, but deep inside, you are still hesitant, as exemplified by the appearance of the dogs who hinders your path to the bathroom. The bathroom is a place where natural functions occurs. In the dream sense, bathroom symbolizes a free- flow of emotions and/or instinctual urges. The notion that there is no door to the bathroom implies your vulnerability - not only against the dogs but the vulnerability of being fully exposed.

In the final scene and with keeping with the same theme of your dream, you are drowning . Not so coincidentally, water is often a symbol of the unconscious and emotions. Your drowning denotes the overwhelming fears you still have in confronting you repressed emotions. You may be feeling a rush or emotions that is literally drowning you. Perhaps you are not as ready as you had thought in facing your fears and emotions. Take things more slowly, instead of diving right into it.

Best Regards,







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