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Dear Dream Interpreters,

Thank you for providing such a cool website and making a site of giving free dream interpretations for us confused dreamers. LOL. This is highly appreciated.

Okay, this was my dream last night: I have a male online friend who I kind of am annoyed at a bit now. We were close before but not so much anymore. But we're still friends and occasionally keep in touch. He lives in Canada, while I'm here in the Philippines. 

Last night, I dreamt I was in an airport (not too sure but looks like it). In my dream I was stretching my neck as if looking or expecting for someone. But then it turned out to be him. I saw, he stared and recognized me instantly and gave me a big nice smile. I too did the same thing but not sooner that I acted happy to see him, I suddenly became shy and kind of slouched back so he wouldn't see me totally. In that dream I kind of hid behind a tinted glass window after I realized I became shy and conscious, but I can still see him smiling back at me, I too am still smiling back but more like a shy smile now. Then I woke up. 

So can you guys help me out what this dream means? Also, me and this guy are just buddies for we're both in a relationship right now.

Again, Thank you and here's hoping for your reply. Hope my dream seems interesting to reply and not a waste of your time to read.

March 28, 2001

Hi Cheerea,

In your dream, the airport is symbolic of a connection point. Just as planes connect with other flights and connect people with other people from various places, this dream setting may be a metaphor for your encounter.

According to your dream, you indicated how you were hiding behind this tinted window. This tinted window may serve as a metaphor. Throughout your online relationship, you have been hiding behind a computer monitor. In hiding behind this tinted window, perhaps you were seeking to be shielded as if you were still behind a monitor screen. Additionally, his perception of you has always been through the monitor. Seems like you sort of took on that image literally.

Ultimately, this dream may stem from you wondering what it would be like if you two met in person.

Best Regards,







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