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Plane Crash

Last night I had a very vivid dream. For some reason, it was Halloween. My kids and I were playing in a park as I watched a Japan airline crashing. It first descended towards me and at the last minute began ascending again before crashing. I was rescuing the children in the plane, who clearly were speaking to me in Japanese and I understood them. The all wore white tees with Japanese writing that I could understand. When trying to rescue one child, he had a loaded gun and was shooting all around him until I took it from him and removed the bullets.

August 22, 2000

Hi Tammy,

Your dream seems to describe a positive transformation that has occurred in your waking life. You had previously been suffering from self-doubt or a lack of self-confidence as is suggested by the imagery of the crashing airplane. Since the airplane, managed to ascend and crashed away from you, it signifies that you have turned a bad situation from becoming far more worse.

Your self-doubt may stem from issues regarding your domestic life and parenthood. The Japanese children you rescue from the plane is representative of your own kids. You may have once feared that you were not relating to and understanding your own children. Your ability to understand Japanese in your dream is a metaphor for understanding your own kids. When you take the loaded gun from one of the plane passengers whom you were rescuing, you displayed how you were able to take charge of the situation and regain some sort of control.

Incidentally, you mentioned how your dream took place on the day of Halloween. In dreams, Halloween signifies the adult regression into childhood. Again, this may be another symbol of how you have been able to relate to your kids.

Best Regards,







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