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On The Airplane

What does it mean when you're not IN the airplane, but on top of it, holding on as you fly? In my dream last night, this is what happened, and then a "steward" came up and asked for my boarding pass, which I didn't have, so he put in a call on his cell phone to check and make sure I was actually "booked" for the flight. Any insight you could offer would be most appreciated! :)

Molli F.
October 13, 2000

Hi Molli,

Your dream falls under the category of "flying dreams", in which however you are not flying under your own power. Such dreams are associated with a major change in your life, a rise in status or a transitional phase. What is most peculiar about your dream is that you are on top of the plane. But the steward goes about his job to check your boarding pass as if there was nothing odd with this picture. In general, airplane dreams represent some sort of change. However, for you, this change may cause you to be isolated from the rest of the group, i.e. friends, family, colleagues, etc. You are literally flying high on your own. It is sometimes said that it can be lonely atthe top and in some way your dream is depicting this.

Best Regards,







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