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Black Wedding

Hi! A while ago, I dreamt that I was getting married. Everything seemed to be normal at the wedding, until I looked at a picture that someone had taken. My gown was black, as were my bridesmaids. The whole male wedding party was also wearing nothing but black! I'm only 14 years old, don't have a boyfriend, and definitely DON'T want to be married. Can you tell me what this means?


May 25, 2001

Hi Caitlin,

Your wedding dream is definitely to be taken symbolically and not to be taken literally. Dreams about weddings are usually about making a symbolic union between you and some hidden aspect of your own self. It indicates a level of acceptance of that part of your self.

You said that everything appeared to be normal during the wedding. And it wasn't until you saw a picture that you realized that you were in a black gown. This seems to indicate that upon hindsight, what you thought was a good and positive thing was really a bad/negative idea? Does this notion parallel some aspect of your waking life? Perhaps you had recently found out what something that was contrary to what you initially thought. Consider also how you may be rejecting an idea which you accepted at first.

Best Regards,


Caitlin's Response:

Thanks! This helped me a lot....glad to know that I'm not doomed to be a vampire bride!







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