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Pitch Black Warehouse

I had this dream  that is bothering me. I'm floating around looking down at some trees. The trees are very green and probably the most vivid color I've ever seen in a dream. All of a sudden I see a greyish-blue warehouse. 

I float down and go inside it. As soon as I'm inside I have this overwhelming feeling that I'm looking for something. However it's pitch black and I can't see anything. I start feeling around but I can't find anything. Then I woke up. 

What does this mean? I'd really like to know.

August 15, 2001

Hi Kris,

Floating through the air represents your new perspective on life. The lush vivid green trees are in great contrast to the drab darkness of the warehouse. This imagery may parallel some waking life situation in which on the surface you appear to have a care-free attitude, but below the surface, you harbor some negative emotions or dark secret/memories. The warehouse refer specifically to your memories. Since you are unable to see anything in the warehouse, they may very well represent repressed childhood memories.

Best Regards,







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