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Drafted Into War

I need some help! I dreamt this really strange dream.. And I have no clue what it's supposed to mean!

Two nights ago, after a large fight with my boyfriend, I dreamt that about 300 people from my area, young people (under 21) myself, and my boyfriend were drafted into a war. But it would take a while before we had to go. So they put us in groups and sent us to a four-day training camp. Every group but mine got a cabin. It was really rainy and stuff, and we had to sleep in the mud. And there was a shortage of food. The next morning, we were in firearm training and some guy was "too quick" (what they called him) and he got shot and killed. A bunch of other people died, too. And they sent out lists of like 10 different people. Then we all rode home on buses. I got home and took a shower. What does this mean!?

January 9, 2002


Thank you for sharing your dream with us.

The preparation of war signifies inner conflict. You are facing confrontations in your waking life. The dream may be trying to tell you that you are being too aggressive or that you need to express your aggression more directly. You are also feeling ambivalent - not sure how to feel or how to react.

The fact that your group did not get a cabin and are forced to rough it out in the elements, indicates that you are feeling extremely vulnerable. In particular, the rain that you are exposed to while sleeping outdoors represents your emotional vulnerability. It can also be a metaphor of unexpressed tears.

The firearm training you went through in your dream represents an eruption of emotion. The guy that was referred to as "too quick" may be a message to you telling you that you may have been too quick to act or speak without fully thinking it through. As a result, you suffer the consequences. Perhaps you said something that you wished you could take back.

Best Regards,


Kimberly's Response:

That's amazing!! A few days after my dream, I broke up with my boyfriend. That's exactly how it turned out. THANKS SO MUCH for the interpretation!!!!







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