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TV Dream

Hi. I have been dreaming that I am in a TV show (sitcom). I had two dreams that were dealing with the same show, and one that was with a different show. Can you tell me what the interpretation is? Thank you!!

February 26, 2001

Hi Aimee,

You need to consider the nature of the television sitcom that you dreamt you were in. Which character did you play? You may be feeling the same way as your real-life notions of this character.

On a more general level, your dream may indicate that you are avoiding responsibility for a situation or refusing to acknowledge your role in it. Being in a television show where you are being told what to do and how to act, implies that you are taking a more passive stance and removing all culpability. You may also be attributing responsibility or blame to someone else.

Best Regards,


Aimee's Response:

Thank you for your response, and it does help me!! 






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