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Hi.  When I awake from a dream I feel real disappointed because the dream ended. 

My dreams always have me in one of my TV shows that I love, like Roswell. I am always there with my magic and helping people and their difficulties. Still there's always love. Friendship-love nothing and a little more, but nothing really heavy, just romantic. There used to be a guy who came in my dream whenever I was sad. He carried three roses with him. One red, one white and one pink. He always made everything okay. I never understood any of these dreams. Maybe you can help. 

October 30, 2000

Hi Honey,

Dreams can serve as an escape from your waking life. I must admit that I have never watched the show Roswell, but generally speaking, television shows are another form of escape from reality. And in particular with Roswell, a show about alien teens (correct me if I am wrong), further suggests your retreat into a fantasy world. Your dreams indicates that you are idealistic and optimistic. You like to look at the positive side of things. Your dreams may be in contrast to the situations you are faced with in your waking life. And thus they may serve as a reminder about the importance of love (red rose), friendship (pink rose), and peace (white rose).

Best Regards,







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