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Up The Staircase


I keep having dreams about different things and in different places but in most of them an old wooden, but strong staircase keeps turning up.

There has been a variety of me running up it or little girls in nightgowns running up it. In some of the dreams there is a door at the top, in others in window. Usually I can reach the door but it is locked. By the time I get to the window the dream has changed to a different 'scene'.

I would appreciate your opinion if possible.

Thank you,
April 30, 2001

Hi Kelly,

Going up a staircase is generally a positive symbol of achievement, ambition, and pursuit of your goals. It may also parallel your ascent up the social ladder.

However, the notion that  you are running up the stairs indicate that you are in a rush to succeed. You may be too quick to reap the benefits of your success. After all, you find that the door is still closed when you reach the top. The closed door suggests that you are not ready or ill-prepared or lack self-confidence.

The little girls running up the stairs also depict your premature claim to success. Slow down.

You also mentioned how the scene through the window changes when you get to the top. The dream is definitely trying to tell you that you need to gain a new perspective or a different approach in how you are going about things.

I hope this helps!

Best Regards,


Kelly's Response:

Thank you very much for your interpretation. It does make a lot of sense with regards to how my life is.

Thanks again.






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