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Ping Pong

This is the best dream website I have found to date; it is describing just about exactly everything that is going on in my life right now. Thank You!!

One thing I could not find, can you help me? I was playing ping-pong with my husband (whom I dearly love) and I could not hit the ball right nor hold the paddle right. He was (or someone was) showing me how to hold it properly (the paddle) but could not. I did play ping-pong last December after many years, with my hubby on vacation and it was fun. But, anyway, what did THIS mean?

Heni S.
April 10, 2001

Hi Heni,

Thank you for sharing your dream with us. Glad you enjoy our website. We appreciate your kind compliments.

Your inability to hit the ping pong ball in your dream implies missed opportunities or chances you took in which you thought fell short of what your goals were. Alternatively, you mentioned how much fun you had playing ping pong before. Your association with ping pong is thus tied to that carefree and relaxing vacation. Perhaps your dream is telling you that you need another vacation. You are literally out of sync and out of whack and need to unwind.

Best Regards,







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