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Noisy Spider

I dreamt the other day, in fact woke up shaken by the sight of a huge spider. It jumped out of it's big web and made a sound I can still hear, like a cat who is mad.

The spider was very large. It didn't bite me, but just scared me and returned to its place. I woke up scared. 

Have any ideas? Thanks and Happy New Year.
January 5, 2002

Hi Maria,

The image of the spider represents your feminine power and conflict with some female in your waking life. This spider is trying desperately to get your attention.

Spiders don't make any noise in real life, but the notion that it makes a sound like a cat (another symbol of femininity and feminine power) further highlights the significance of the spider and your need to confront some issue that you are avoiding or afraid of. As mentioned, this spider is symbolically of some strong female in your life, perhaps your mother or some female authority figure.

Best Regards,


Maria's Reply:Thank you Steve. It is true that my Mom who lives with me, takes a lot of my time. 







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