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End Of The World

Hello. I had a dream the other day about the end of the world. See I was in a spaceship with these two people. They pushed a button and everything on the earth was destroyed except us and these people I use to sell magazines with and my boyfriend. When we got out of the space ship we were in Michigan at the Great Lakes. We went in a hotel and this room had a chair nailed three feet high to the wall, and my friend was sitting up there talking to me like it was normal. I went outside and me and my boyfriend we going to look at this house that was on a dock in the great lake. We were going to buy in from the two people who blew up the world. Then I awoke. Do you know what that means?

October 8, 2000

Hi Somer,

Let's break down the various symbols in your dream.

The "end of the world" scenario in your dream implies a sense of powerlessness. You may be feeling helpless and just want an easy escape from your daily responsibilities.

You indicated that you, your boyfriend and your friends survived the annihilation of the earth. These people symbolize your support system.

The spaceship in your dream signifies your spiritual journey into your subconscious and the unknown. And the notion that the spaceship lands at the Great Lakes is no coincidence. The Great Lakes, being bodies of water, symbolizes the subconscious and unknown. It is also ironic that after having destroyed the world you find yourself at the Great Lakes because water happens to be a natural analogy for the flow of life energy and fertility.

Interpretation: Although you are expressing some helplessness in the beginning of your dream, you still have the will to live life to the fullest. Things may look bleak at the present time, but tomorrow is a new day. With the support of friends and loved ones, you will find that your problems are conquerable. Your dream is telling you to take a new perspective on how you see things. When you were at the hotel and there was a chair nailed three feet high from the ground, that was a literal interpretation of how you need to look at things from a different viewpoint.

Best Regards,







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