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Spaceship In The Old West

I had a dream that I was in a small church with a friend of mine and when the preacher started, we laughed so hard that we had to run outside. Outside was like an old west kind of theme. There were dirt roads and hitching posts, you know. My friend went to his car (only it was a spaceship) and he got in and was digging around for something. I looked in and saw a whole lot of small boxes. He picked one out and opened it and gave me the contents and said, " This was meant for you". I looked in my hand and it was one of those paper weights with snow that you shake. There was a little cartoon looking Halloween scene with a cat, witch, broom, pumpkin, and a wood fence with an old oak tree behind it. 

I remember this dream extremely well and can still see it replay in my head, but I don't know what it means.

August 3, 2000


Your dream suggests that you are going through some spiritual journey as implied by the church and spaceship symbols. This journey may have something to do with your past. In your dream account, you described that when you walk out of the church, you found yourself in the scene of the old west. The old west can be representative of the past and your dream may be expressing your need to confront this past. Your friend in the dream serves as your dream helper who is trying guide you. He is digging through some boxes - boxes which represent aspects of yourself and things that you have kept hidden and tucked away. It seems that you are letting your friend in and are willing to share things with him. The general message of this dream is that in order to move forth toward the future, you have to face the past.

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