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Crawling Cockroaches

Dear Sir/Madam

Hello my name is Michelle and I came across your site which I found to be rather interesting. I was wondering if you could give me some insight into my dream. For a couple of nights now I have been having a recurring dream. I keep seeing a line of cockroaches crawling on the floor and I kill them. What exactly does this means?

Thanx Much, 
November 18, 2001

Hi Michelle,

Thank you for sharing your dream with us. We are glad that you found the site interesting.

From our dream dictionary, you will read that cockroaches implies a need for renewal and self-cleansing of your emotional and psychological being. These cockroaches suggest much negativity around you which undoubtedly effects various aspects of your daily life. I suspect that these dreams reoccur because you have not yet begin to deal with the process of self-renewal. You can start by having a new and positive outlook Keep an optimistic frame of mind.

Best Regards,







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