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Radio Message

I had a dream recently about my sister dying in a car accident. There were a lot of details which scared me. I was sitting in traffic on the highway coming home from work. It was a very warm sunny day. I was listening to the radio when I heard my mother's voice telling me that my sister had been in an accident. A truck had hit her car from behind and somehow it killed her. I remember I was sitting in my car still in traffic crying very hard saying "why did you leave me? I need you right now". I just kept saying that over and over calling her name. What does this mean?

March 2, 2001

Hi Jen,

The message that you hear through the radio may be the most significant aspect of the dream. The message refers to a situation which you need to "tune in" and pay closer attention to it. Hearing your mother's voice is a way to get you to perk up your ears and take notice. The message she is trying to convey is really a disguised message from the deepest layers of your OWN psyche. It is also worth noting that such messages often come at a time of decisive psychological moments. Consider what psychological issues or distress may be going on in your waking life which may trigger such a disturbing message of your sister's death. Are you feeling some regrets or guilt with regards to your sister? Perhaps those aspects/qualities of your sister that you admire are no longer existent in you.

Best Regards,







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