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Pregnant Mother

My name is Kristin and I am 15 years old. For about a month I have been having disturbing dreams that leave me speechless. When I awoke, the two dreams that stick out the most are:

My mother was pregnant with her third child (I am one of two children; I have one younger brother who is 7). All I remember and felt was such rage and anger. I wouldn't stop yelling at her.

Another is that I was out with some friends in a department store and for some odd reason my 7 year old brother was with me. I lost him; I couldn't find him anywhere. The last thing I remember was that I was crying and asking people if they had seen a little boy.

If you could help me that would be great, because I am having extreme issues with these two subjects, or at least why I would dream them. 

Thank You
July 24, 2000

Dear Kristin,

Pregnancy dreams often symbolize spiritual or psychological growth. It represents a transitional phase in your life that is in the process of growing and developing. Even though it is your mother who is pregnant in the dream, it actually represents an aspect of your own self. You see characteristics of your mother in you. Being 15 can be a transitional stage in one's life. You may be looking at it as one more year before you get you driver's license. You may also be be allowed to date now and explore those areas of relationships for the first time. You are moving closer towards adulthood. In some cultures, 15 year old girls are given a special ceremony, known as a Quinceañera. It is a "coming of age" celebration and beckons their transition into womanhood. 

At the same time that you are going through this transitional phase in your life, news that your mother is pregnant may be a burden for you as well. Obviously you are angry and enraged upon finding out the news. The reason for this anger may be represented in your second dream where you dreamt that you had lost your brother. This may symbolize the overwhelming responsibility you already have in taking care and baby sitting your 7 year old brother. You fear that actions of your mother may interfere will your plans and goals.

Best Regards,







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