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I've had several dreams in the past of getting in a confrontation with an enemy of mine. This person would end up making me furious and I would try to hit her. When I did it would be like my arms suddenly became heavy and moved in slow motion. This was so frustrating to me and it seemed that I would always wake up before we had any physical contact. What could this mean? I dreamed that scenario several different times (not recently) and it has always left me wondering what that meant. 

June 3, 2001


Sometimes I wake up and cannot move. It is almost as if I am paralyzed. I can not speak either. I read somewhere that this common and associated with dreaming. Is this true? 

July 2, 2001

Dreams of being paralyzed are not only common, but reflects the state that you body is in when you are dreaming. The phenomenon is referred to as sleep paralysis, REM paralysis, or sleep immobility. This paralysis occurs to prevent you from actually acting out your dreams.

Although the scenario varies, the theme is the same. You may try to run and find that you cannot move your legs. Or you may try to scream, but nothing comes out. Symbolically, your paralysis may be rooted in your anger and frustration. You may be so angry at someone that you actually try to raise your arm during your sleep, but fail to do so. 

The slow motion imagery in a dream proves also to be a significant component. You need to re-think and justify your actions and determine if your waking situation is being exaggerated. Perhaps you need to find some psychological and emotional middle-ground.

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