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Premonition Of Murder

Someone said that my reoccurring dreams of being murdered was actually premonition of my mothers murder that occurred after my dreams . Do you believe that we are prepared for something that our hearts and minds cannot handle?

July 25, 2000

Dear Ann,

I am sorry to hear about your mother.

I strongly doubt that dreaming of a murder is a premonition that such events will occur to you or someone close to you.

It would be helpful if you could elaborate on the details of a specific dream you had. Typically, dreams of murder occur because of repressed anger or resentment towards a particular person. Or you may be angry at yourself. The person being murdered represents an aspect of yourself that you are trying to repress or destroy. For example, if you had dreamt that your mother was murdered, it may be that you see qualities in her that you also see in yourself and it is these qualities that you want to "kill". Thus murder dreams is symbolic for something or characteristics that you want to permanently rid yourself of. Often times, dreams recur because of unresolved feelings that you are not expressing in your waking hours. Your dreams can serve as an outlet in which you can safely confront and express your anger.

Best Regards,







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