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Mother Is Killing Me

I had this dream that my deceased mother was trying to kill me. There was a young boy with me. I told him let's hide in the barn and hide the truck so she can't find us. 

Then I saw a sandy blonde woman and another man, waving at us and that it was ok to come to them. But I was afraid to trust them. Then I woke up.

Please, help. And why have I have been dreaming about this same blonde lady trying to hurt me.

Linda H.
March 30, 2001

Hi Linda,

I am sorry to hear of your deceased mother. In dreaming that she was trying to kill you is most likely a metaphorically meaning that an aspect of yourself has died along with her.

Archetypally, a blond woman can represent the appearance of divine wisdom or some spiritual message. From your dream, I did not see any physical reason for your fear of this blond lady. The perception that she wanted to hurt you may be a disguise for other feelings, such as betrayal or anger. Also ask yourself what is the connection with this blonde woman and your mother.

Best Regards,







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