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I had a dream that my lower leg was injured (I'm not sure how), but it was a bad enough injury that it had to be amputated. I remember my lower leg being gone and not being upset. The next thing I remember is that I was getting a prosthetic leg. I felt very comfortable... never upset or sad. I thought my "new" leg was "cool" and I was proud. I could run, dance, and lead a normal life.

Thank you.
Cynthia K.
September 27, 2001

Hi Cynthia,

Your dream about amputation of your leg, indicates that you have taken on a totally new approach to life. You have abandoned and discarded your former ways of thinking and doing things. Perhaps with your "old" leg, you were unable to stand up for yourself and do the things you wanted to do. With your prosthetic leg, you seem to be more freer. This dream is a metaphor for what is going on in your waking life and the changes you are making. You have an increased level of self-confidence and greater independence.

Best Regards,


Cynthia's Response:

Thank you for your interpretation. About a year ago I started making major changes in my life, and recently I have had chances to put the changes in action. This just reaffirms the path my life is taking. Thanks again and I will be visiting you again.







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