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Devil In Disguise?

I have recently had two dreams night after night where the devil came to me in an insect form. The first dream was a praying mantis and the second dream was a mostly red and black (with a little white) spider. Both times I would wake up out of my dreams afraid and panicking. 

In my first dream, I was sitting on this couch and two praying mantises were crawling up a coffee table, across the top and then back down the other side. They turned around after I moved my legs up to the coffee table to rest. One crawled back up the table while the other crawled on the floor towards me. I reached down to the one on the floor and squeezed it to death with my right hand. The bizarre thing is that I swear I felt something pop in my hand when it popped in my dream at the exact same time. The other praying mantis just sat there and watched me kill it. Both of the insects where black with blue eyes.

My second dream there was this spider that was flying around the room in a counterclockwise circle. It was mostly red with a little more black than white on it. It looked like the devil too. After circling the room three times, it finally landed on me and I woke up in a panic. I was afraid of what I don't know. I'm also deathly afraid of spiders.

Please help me find out what this means. All yours.

Good luck,
September 28, 2000

Hi Danielle,

It is interesting how you draw the conclusion that the two insects in your dreams are the devil in disguise. Interestingly enough, both insects share the common theme of feminine power. The female praying mantis eats the male after mating. The mostly red spider as you described sounds like the red widow spider which is characterized by brightly colored red legs and abdomen, with black and white markings. Like the praying mantis, the female widow spider has the reputation of devouring its mate. Both these insects exhibit feminine power and domination over males. With this in mind, your dream may suggest some issues you are having with power and with men.

Best Regards,







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